Oni customisable counter

This is the counter of:

To use simply select the options below to determine how you want your counter to look then copy and paste the contents of the textbox into the src tag of an image and you're away!
Font: This declares the font to use (select a font from the dropdown)
Font Size: This sets the font size (in pixels)
Font Colour: This sets the colour of the font (rgb values of 3 digits per colour - e.g. white=255255255 and black=000000000)
Font Down: This sets the font offset from the top of the counter image (in pixels)
Font Right: This sets the font offset from the left of the counter image (in pixels)
Incremental: This tells the counter whether or not to increment or not
Template: This tells the counter which counter template you wish to use. If you do not wish to use a template you may select the dimentions and backgroud colour of the counter.
Width:  Background colour: 
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